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The Top 7 Online Voice Acting Classes 2023

Online voice acting classes have become increasingly popular, providing aspiring voice actors with the opportunity to develop their skills, receive professional guidance, and expand their knowledge from the comfort of their own homes. With numerous options available, it can be challenging to determine which classes are worth your time and investment. Here are seven top online voice acting classes in 2023 that offer comprehensive training and valuable insights:

  1. “The Voiceover Masterclass” by Nancy Wolfson: Nancy Wolfson, a renowned voiceover coach, offers “The Voiceover Masterclass,” a comprehensive online course that covers various aspects of voice acting, including commercial, animation, narration, and promo work. The course provides in-depth training on script analysis, vocal technique, character development, and industry insights. Nancy’s expertise and industry experience make this course a valuable resource for both beginners and experienced voice actors.
  2. “Voice Acting Mastery” by Crispin Freeman: Crispin Freeman, a respected voice actor with an extensive background in animation, video games, and anime, hosts the “Voice Acting Mastery” podcast and offers an online course by the same name. The course provides detailed lessons on voice acting techniques, character creation, auditions, and business strategies. Crispin’s passion for the craft and his insightful teachings make this course a favorite among aspiring voice actors.
  3. “Gravy for the Brain”: “Gravy for the Brain” is an online platform that offers a wide range of voice acting courses taught by industry professionals. They provide comprehensive training for beginners, intermediate, and advanced voice actors, covering topics like commercial voiceover, character voices, audiobooks, and accents. Their courses are designed to be interactive and engaging, with practical exercises and personalized feedback.
  4. “The Voice Over Self-Direction Playbook” by Dave Walsh: Dave Walsh, a veteran voice actor and coach, offers “The Voice Over Self-Direction Playbook,” an online course that focuses on self-direction and script analysis. The course helps voice actors develop the skills needed to interpret scripts effectively, make strong choices, and deliver compelling performances. Dave’s emphasis on self-direction and practical exercises make this course invaluable for actors looking to refine their skills.
  5. “Gravy for the Brain Audiobook Narration Course”: For those interested in audiobook narration, “Gravy for the Brain” also offers a specialized course dedicated to this genre. The course covers the fundamentals of audiobook narration, including character development, pacing, breath control, and mastering long-form narration. With insights from experienced audiobook narrators, this course provides a comprehensive foundation for entering the audiobook industry.
  6. “VO2GoGo” by David H. Lawrence XVII: “VO2GoGo” is an online platform created by David H. Lawrence XVII, an accomplished voice actor and coach. The platform offers a range of courses covering different aspects of voice acting, including commercial, character, and narration work. The courses provide practical exercises, industry insights, and marketing strategies to help voice actors succeed in the competitive industry.
  7. “The Voiceover Kickstart” by Anne Ganguzza: Anne Ganguzza, a successful voice actor and coach, offers “The Voiceover Kickstart,” an online course designed to help beginners launch their voice acting careers. The course covers the essentials of voiceover, including vocal technique, script interpretation, audio recording, and building a professional home studio. Anne’s step-by-step approach and supportive teaching style make this course an excellent starting point for aspiring voice actors.

When considering online voice acting classes, it’s important to research the instructors’ backgrounds, read reviews from previous students, and consider your specific goals and interests as a voice actor. Additionally, be sure to assess the course structure, the level of interaction and feedback provided, and any

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